Why Should You Start A Blog?

There are many reasons why people start a blog, these include but are not restricted to;

  • To keep a diary that can be read by others no matter where they are (think friends and family overseas)
  • To promote a hobby or interest (maybe you are planning to run a marathon)
  • To become a better writer, to interact, help and inspire others (maybe you have a skill that you can share and help others with?)
  • And probably one of the biggest reasons; to make money (more on that later)

Blogging does take time, effort and commitment, I should know as I have started this blog numerous times only to become bored with the content and allow my creative thoughts to dry up!

What to Write About

Well that depends on what your blog is about, if it is general then write about your daily life experiences or the news (with your twist on it to make it interesting) – try to avoid writing short posts about what you had for dinner, they are boring and best saved for Facebook!

If you have a hobby then write interesting posts about the subject, using the example above, if you are training for a marathon you could write posts about your training regime, your diet and the equipment you use (running shoes) and there lies a future

This blog will focus on general life (I believe I have some good and interesting life experiences to share) and my hobby \ line of work which is Digital Marketing, this will include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing.

How Long Should Your Posts Be?

I always aim for a minimum of 500 words with the ‘sweet spot’ being around 800 words though if you can write more while keeping it interesting then that is even better as it can often result in individual posts appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) There is a

There is a caveat however, if you are on Seth Godin’s mailing list, you will no doubt know that his blog posts are short but regular, sometimes twice a day but more often a daily delivery to your inbox. Seth Godin can easily get away with that because he is Seth Godin, a renowned author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

Should You Expect to Make Money Straightaway?

The straight answer is you shouldn’t and if making money is the sole purpose for starting a blog then you will fail, simple.

Blogs do offer a wonderful opportunity to make money but it takes time (effort and commitment), you need to gain trust from your readers and even before that you need to get some readers in the first place.

Using social media to promote your posts is a great way to get people to visit your blog, you may need to offer an incentive to get them to subscribe to your list to ensure they return again and again.

Examples of such incentives include an eBook that you have written about a topic (think hobby again) or maybe a free trial of the latest software or app – you will have to get your ‘thinking cap’ on and come up with some ideas!

Once you start to gain a loyal following you can then perhaps start to introduce some monetisation opportunities via affiliate schemes, however, don’t be too hasty with this, you can easily lose many followers by being deemed as too pushy with offers. I will write a more in-depth post about monetisation and affiliate marketing soon.

Writing your blog can become addictive and once you start to engage with your followers you will start to learn and understand what it is they want, all you should do is simply satisfy their needs!

Answer their questions and try to solve their problems!

A lot of people enter look to the internet to make money, to create a second income and perhaps to build a first income which will allow them to quit their ‘day job’ – Now while this is entirely possible, it isn’t easy and the previously mentioned commitment and hard work comes into play, without which it becomes an almost impossibility.

Sadly, there are people who state that they can teach you to ‘make money online’ and they obviously charge you to do this. The main issue I have with this is that the content served up is merely rehashed from another course or from someone else. I am not telling you to completely avoid these types of courses but I am advising you to do your research to make sure what you will receive is unique and viable.

You will be pleased to know that I won’t be selling any ‘get rich quick’ products, in fact, I won’t (for the foreseeable) be selling any of my own products., I have my own small SEO business to manage and I plan to write on this blog as often as possible.

Until next time…