Mid January Update

As we near mid-January I hear myself asking “where did those 2 weeks go?!”

It’s Sunday morning, I’m enjoying a cup of ‘Yorkshire Tea’ and sat in front of my Macbook thinking about what I have achieved since the turn of the new year and debating as to whether I have made progress.

2017 is going to be a big and decisive year for me, mainly from a health perspective… some of you may know that in April 2016 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the relatively young age of 49. In May 2016 I had surgery to remove my diseased prostate (prostatectomy), this was then followed by 6 ½ weeks of radiotherapy so as I’m sure you can imagine, it was a tough period!

Adding to all of that, in November 2016 I was made redundant from my ‘day job’.

Building My Own Internet Based Business

I decided that now was the time to do what I have always wanted to do, be my own boss, work from home and hopefully significantly exceed any ‘day job’ salary – I have good (local and national) SEO knowledge, I understand the aspects of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation – how could I fail?

November passed me by quite quickly, I was still recovering from my radiotherapy treatment which was completed on the 4th, I was often very tired and a bit grumpy if I’m honest!

December is December, all attention is on the festive period and although I was now more focused on my aims it isn’t a great month to gain traction in building a business!

A Digital Agency

Square Orange LogoSo here we are in January, I have tried to focus on just a couple of income streams, the first being a joint venture with a friend who is a Graphic Designer, we are using his company (called Square Orange) to create a ‘rounded’ digital agency offering Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design and Social Media. We have started to tender for work, I have done a couple of in-depth Website SEO Reports and we are becoming more active on the ‘usual suspects’ social media platforms!

As anyone who has gone through building this kind of business will testify, it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to get out there and meet people – I’m a firm believer that people do business with people they like so my advice (to myself) is get out there and just be yourself!

Lead Generation

My second income stream intention is targeting local businesses with simple WordPress sites built around lots of long-tail local keywords – some of these keywords may only have a handful of searches each month but if you have numerous keyword terms, the traffic soon adds up!

Once the sites start to rank for various keyword terms you have a few monetisation options, I simply prefer to rent the site out for a fixed amount each month, however, a lot of people make a really good income from selling the leads that are generated from these sites.

This lead generation project is quite exciting and I will post regularly with updates and progress, I may even do a case study in the future.

Looking Ahead

As with all new business ventures, finances are a sticking point, ideally I would have had substantially more savings behind me before ‘jumping in’ but unfortunately I didn’t and so I may have to also look to do some freelance work to subsidise my income while the business grows.

From a health perspective, I am still having some low-level treatment which then requires other treatment to counter the side effects, all good fun! 🙂

My next PSA test is due in April 2017, I will then have an appointment in May with my consultant to determine whether I am actually free from this horrible disease.

Iface Rock - CalpeAs a way to give something back to the fabulous support and help I have received since this time last year I have decided that I am going to do something to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. In July myself, my wife and our 14 year old daughter will return to Calpe in Spain we holidayed there last year and loved the place, Calpe is famous for the Ifach Rock which sits in the middle of the resort and in effect splits it in two.

The three of us are going to climb to the top of the rock on Friday 28th July 2017, we are going to get up early before it gets too hot, I envisage that it will take around 3 hours to get to the summit!

I am going to setup a JustGiving page in the next week or so, more details to follow!

Please feel free to connect with me either via a comment on this blog or through Twitter \ Facebook.

Welcome and Happy New Year

Welcome to my newly formatted blog and Happy New Year!

My future posts are going to be a mixed bag of personal stories as well as information, tips and updates relating to my business, in particular; SEO, Affiliate Marketing and general Digital Marketing.

I will also share any software or apps that I have used (and therefore recommend), these are more often than not free but sometimes I pay for something but I try to avoid this if at all possible!