What Is It You Do Exactly?

by Andy on October 7, 2013

SEO StrategyIt’s a question I am frequently asked once I explain that I do SEO for a living!

“So, what is it you do exactly?”

To be honest it’s not east to explain but rather than take the easy option (as a lot of SEO’s do) and say that it’s my Intellectual Property’ therefore I cannot share the information I would rather be transparent particularly to the business owner who I’m working for.

It can be quite difficult to make people understand and ‘buy in’ to what I am trying to explain so sometimes it is easier to simply write it all down, here is an overview of ‘what it is I do exactly’ – I usually present this to my client so it can be used almost as a checklist to gauge progress.

  • Overview of the Website as it Currently Stands
    • In the main I will look at the content on the site, is it good, bad or indifferent? The key to a good website in 2013 (and beyond) is the quality of the site content and so it may be a case of replacing what is already in place. One of the main things I check for is ‘duplicate content’; this is something that Google silently penalises as site for so if there is evidence then prompt action will be taken to remove it.
    • Other aspects of the website check include;
      • Does the company telephone number appear on every page?  (It should do if you’re selling a service or product!)
      • Does each page load in an acceptable timeframe? (Needs to be pretty much instantly!)
      • Is there a valid XML Site Map? (There should be one!)
      • Has a Google Webmaster Tools account been created? (It’s important!)
      • Has a Google Analytics account been created (Again it’s important to have one!)
  • Current Link Profile
    • I will use Open Site Explorer (Moz) or Majestic SEO to analyse the quality of the links currently pointing to the site and if required I will highlight the ones that are ‘spammy’ or that are deemed unnatural and endeavor to get them removed either by contacting the webmaster directly or adding them to the Google Disavow Tool
  • On-Page SEO Audit
    • I will check the current On-Page status in particular looking at Page Titles, Meta Description, Image ALT Tags, Header Tags and whether there is any internal linking evident.
  • Keyword Research
    • I establish if any keywords are currently being optimised and will use these to commence my initial research. If no keywords are currently being targeted then I will have a conversation with the business owner to discuss areas of the business that are to be focused on, this should start to highlight keywords and phrases which I will then use to research further. I usually start by pursuing 3 core keywords but each of these keywords will then have long-tail and partial match variations which will be used for content creation.
  • Content Creation
    • Once I have identified the 3 core keywords and an array of long-tail and partial match keywords, I will create content based around them. The most common form of content is articles and while I am a fan of articles, there are alternative content solutions such as Q&A, Reports, Product Reviews, Infographics, Contests, Interviews – the list is endless!
      • Each piece of content (usually 2 pieces per keyword initially) will be added to the site as a separate page ensuring that my ‘On-Page’ rules are administered!
      • Further content will be added on a monthly basis!
  • Social Media Icons
    • Each existing and new page will have Social Media sharing buttons, this is assuming that Social Media accounts are in existence, if they are not this will be done as priority!
      • The main players in Social Media (in my opinion from a business perspective) are Facebook (Business Page), Twitter & Google Plus (Business Page) – you can also include LinkedIn and PInterest but I would rather focus on the ‘main 3’ initially unless the business niche is better catered for on other platforms.

Once all of the above has been completed, a new programme of work will be created, this will focus on continuous content creation and a link-building strategy but that is a blog post in it’s own right so watch this space!

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