About Andy Cockayne

Andy Cockayne

 - My Background

I am based in Sheffield (UK) and I have been in the SEO industry for around 14 years with the majority of that time being in self-employed or freelance roles. I have however, worked in-house for a couple of clients in the travel and sports industries.

I tend to work with small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in a wide range of industries and I specialise in all aspects of SEO, including; SEO audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, technical SEO, on page SEO, content marketing and link building.

I haven't always work in digital marketing, I did spend nearly 20 years in the IT industry, once again, in freelance roles working as a contractor for many blue chip companies across the UK.

 - Outside of Client Work

When I am not working on client sites, I still maintain a passion for my work and I am always dabbling with personal website projects, such as niche affiliate sites and lead generation sites. I am  also involved in a family eCommerce venture and a Spanish property website.

Because I am passionate about my work, I never stop learning and I have a huge appetite to stay on top of what is an ever-evolving industry.

  - Interests

Away from my work, I have many interests, I love the outdoors an I am fortunate enough to live close to the Derbyshire Peak District which is a huge bonus when you own a Cocker Spaniel!

I love the sunshine and I lived in Spain in 2018-19, I do intend to spend more time there in the next couple of years but with a laptop and wifi, I can continue with my work without any interruption.

 - Personal Life

I have 2 grown up daughters who are now doing their own thing 

Finally, in 2016 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and at the time it 'shook my world', it has been a tough period with a lot of treatment, including surgery.  One thing my illness has taught me is that we are not immortal and we should never take life for granted. I am currently doing well and I feel as healthy as I have done over the past 5 years!

I fully support Prostate Cancer UK and I urge all men over 40 to get checked for prostate cancer as it can go undetected and I personally, never had a single symptom!

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