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Andy Cockayne

I am a highly motivated SEO Consultant with over 14 years successful search engine optimisation experience.
I'll provide a strong increase in your website traffic via improved rankings on Google Search

More About Me

Increase Website Traffic

I have over 12 years SEO experience working across many business sectors, I know how to increase organic traffic to your website and it’s not just any traffic, it’s people who are searching for your products or services. My SEO work is ethical, I don’t take risks with your livelihood.


Transparency in SEO is paramount, and trust is how any business relationship is built, I therefore encourage your engagement, questions and queries. I will provide a full SEO report at the end of each month and will arrange regular in person or online meetings to discuss the reports.

Better ROI

SEO is the most powerful form of digital online marketing and due to the relatively low costs of doing it (you are only paying for an SEO professional), it also offers the highest return on investment (ROI). The caveat is that it does take longer to achieve results compared to 'paid search' such as Google Adwords.

I'm Cheaper Than an SEO Agency

If you decide to work with an established digital agency, then you are going to pay more for SEO services than you would do compared to working with me. I have very few overheads and I generally do all of the work myself, so you are not paying for the services of a team.

No Long Term Contracts

I don't work with contracts, I prefer a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ which allows you to scale up or down at any given time. I can work on a  month-to-month basis or just on a fixed piece of work and If for any reason you wish to terminate the agreement, all I ask is for 30 days’ notice in order to tidy up any loose ends.

I am Location Independent

Because I work freelance, I can work from anywhere with a good internet connection, my home, my office or even your office. I am happy to meet you in person to update you on progress and outline future plans or we can arrange an online call on Skype, Zoom or similar.

Let's Have a Chat About Your SEO Requirements

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