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Define Your SEO Goals & Targets

In order for me to be able to set realistic performance indicators (goals and targets), I will need to understand your business, products services and your target audience. We can discuss what success means to you which will help me create an SEO strategy and blueprint of work.

In-Depth eCommerce SEO Audit

With my knowledge, experience and a select number of industry leading tools, I will undertake a detailed SEO audit of your eCommerce store. The audit will take in all aspects of eCommerce SEO, including technical, keyword content gap analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis and an on-page SEO audit.

Research the Best Keywords

My keyword research approach is thorough and will consider current keywords that your store is ranking for, particularly those that are on page 2 and 3 as these are huge opportunities. Secondly, following the keyword gap analysis (in the audit), I will have a number of terms that can be introduced to the strategy. Finally, I will research questions that are being asked online that relate to your niche. Answering these questions in blog posts or supporting content will give your website more authority.

Implement an SEO Strategy

Once I have undertaken a detailed audit and have conducted keyword research, I will be able to develop an SEO strategy. My implementation plan will focus on the main categories, sub-categories and product pages ensuring that they all target specific and unique keyword terms ensuring there are no duplications or overlap (also known as keyword cannibalisation) Technical adjustments will be made in liaison with your web developer and additional content will be created either using your internal copywriter or a 3rd-party resource recommended by myself.

Measure & Report

Using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a couple of other industry tools, I will measure and report the key metrics that we agree upon prior to the SEO campaign, these will include (but are not restricted to), organic revenue and transactions, conversion rate, keyword rankings, click through rate, core web vitals and return on investment.

Uncover New Opportunities

SEO has a habit of producing new opportunities, this could be from a keyword, content, target market or product perspective. The key is to act upon these openings, and this may include, creating new content or a whole category or page. My monthly report will highlight any new opportunities that I believe are worthy of discussing.

Popular eCommerce Platforms

I provide the following SEO services, which are tailored to your business / company needs:


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Shopify is a hosted solution so you don't require separate hosting and it works via a monthly subscription. It is estimated that over 3.6 million stores are hosted on the Shopify platform.


BigCommerce Icon

BigCommerce is also a hosted solution on a monthly subscription basis, it offers advance marketing solutions, trusted partner integrations and a range of excellent store management tools.


Magento Icon

Magento is an open-source eCommerce software with built-in SEO features, however, it does require dedicated hosting. it is free to use, but costs are incurred once your store reaches a certain size and turnover.


WooCommerce Icon

WooCommerce is a free plug-in which is used as a functional extension to the WordPress CMS. WooCommerce operates over 37% of online stores and has been downloaded over 13 million times.

Why SEO Works

It Helps Build Brand Credibility

Establishing your brand as an authority in its respective industry takes a lot of time, patience and effort but by offering valuable products or services and promoting them using SEO, you can demonstrate your expertise and so increase trust with customers and prospective buyers. 

It Provides Better User Experience (UX)

Providing a positive User Experience (UX) to website visitors is an increasingly important aspect in how Google determines where your website appears in search engine results pages (SERPs). Ensuring that your SEO is done correctly will massively help with UX and your overall organic search results.

It Impacts the Customer Buying Cycle

It's no secret that people do online research prior to a purchase. By using good SEO, you can provide important details of your products or services and any deals or offers you may have. This sort of information when presented correctly undoubtedly has an impact of the customer buying cycle. 

It's a Relatively Cheap Marketing Strategy

There are obvious costs associated with SEO but when compared to other marketing strategies, it is a an inexpensive way of promoting your business, products and / or  services that will (if done correctly) deliver an excellent return on investment.

It's a Long Term Marketing Strategy

Good SEO will  have a positive impact on your website and business within approximately 12 months of commencement, often in much less time depending on your industry. Although there are regular algorithm changes in SEO (thanks Google!), the benefits of it are most certainly always long term.

It Delivers New Opportunities

SEO will deliver new opportunities to you brand and business as the more identifiable and recognisable you become, the more interest you will receive, it is how the internet works. People will start to search for your brand and not just a keyword associated with you making the end result a much bigger probability.

Is SEO Right for Your Business? 

Common SEO Questions 

What is the benefit of SEO over Pay Per Click marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) 

Why choose an SEO Consultant over an SEO agency?

Do you offer any other forms of internet marketing?

How do I choose the best SEO Consultant?

Does every business need a dedicated SEO expert?

How long will it take to rank my site?

How much do you charge?

I charge between £280 and £950 per month for SEO consulting services, depending on your requirements. 

If you are a small local business targeting just a few keywords then 1 day per month will usually be sufficient, however, for larger national websites or eCommerce stores then I usually estimate between 2-4 days per month.

I usually recommend 'front loading' my time in order to get the most important work done quickly and efficiently, we can then discuss a lower monthly retainer to ensure you maintain your rankings  which I will have hopefully already delivered.

Why can I get cheaper SEO services from places such as Fiverr?

Do I have to sign a long term contract with you?

Why do Google rankings fluctuate so much?

Can you help with my local SEO business?

I have more questions, what should I do?

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